We exist to lead others to Christ and enable them to grow to Spiritual Maturity

As a church, our aim is to lead others to Christ and enable them, and ourselves, to grow in spiritual Maturity. During the month of September 2018, Pastor Paul outlined this two headed aim in a two week sermon series. You can listen to the recording of these sermons below.

As part of this sermon series, we as a church were encouraged to pray;

  1. That various bible teaching opportunities in the church would be relevant in leading to growth and spiritual maturity

  2. That we as a church would be committed to growing to Spiritual Maturity

  3. That we would be involved in helping others grow in spiritual maturity through in our everyday lives.

We were encouraged to challenge ourselves to pray;

  1. That our lives would show we follow Jesus

  2. For opportunity to speak to people about Jesus

  3. For courage to invite people along to a church service or event to hear about Jesus

  4. For God to speak as the good news of Jesus Christ is shared in various church activities.