Youth Hub


Glad you found your way to the new corner of our website specifically to help the Youth of Dungannon Baptist get closer to God. There will be links put up here as often as possible to help you get closer with God and grow in your understanding of Him.


Spotify Playlist

If you have Spotify, you can either click the image to your left, or scan it in the spotify app and it will bring up our Youth Playlist which contains 12 songs which are changed every two weeks, meaning you won’t get bored of listening to the same songs over and over again!

Here are links to the Spotify app for Android - Apple - Desktop



If you enjoy listening to Podcasts, or if you have never even heard of such things, why not give a listen to some of the recommended podcasts? Each Image on the right hand side will take you to a Podcast that will have plenty of episodes to get you thinking about issues around the world and topics within the Bible. We have included a few favourites that you can listen to on site below.


We also have an Instagram account that posts a daily reading for you to follow along with. At the minute we are going through John. Make sure to keep following along with us, and if you are not sure what to look for while reading, there are even questions to answer.

Click on the image beside this text to see our Instagram!

If you would rather have a booklet to follow, there are plenty of resources to do that as well. We recommend starting with something simple to get you into the word like UCB who issues you a quarterly booklet with readings everyday! It’s a great way to get started.